Words From the Editor

--Vincent Rubino '04

The Moment returns to you once again to convey new information about SEAS and its student body. Be sure to check out the article about the new CEEM centrifuge, so strap in and feel the g's. Other major topics include the new minors, and of course, this semester's session with the deans. Make sure that you don't miss what's hot for the holidays in our Tech Review, and what happened at the IEEE social. Take a step into Professor Hielscher's lab to get a glimpse of the BME Imaging Track, get the picture? For a great movie review of a film that is sure to intrigue the inherent engineer in everyone, look for a review of Donnie Darko. Do you know if you're an engineer? Read the top 10 list to find out!. For more "did you know" facts check out the Did You Know insert. Find out about one of the best new video games in the game review, and then read how to keep it running smoothly online in the AcIS interview. For this semester's grand finale, be sure to log onto the Moment's brand new website courtesy of Jiwan Choi: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/moment