MSA Earl Hall Prayer Room

The MSA Prayer room is located in the lower level of Earl Hall, room 102. In addition to jamaat prayers, students can access the room from 9AM-10PM on weekdays (it is closed on weekends). Please see the prayer iqama times below:

Zuhr 1:20pm
Asr 4:30pm
Maghrib 5 minutes after sunset
Isha 8:00pm

Nussbaum Prayer Room

Alternatively, students can use the prayer room on the 12th floor of Nussbaum (600 W. 113th St., located at 113th Street and Broadway). In order to gain access to the room, sign in at the front desk and ask the security guard for the key to room 12B2.

Fajr 6:20am
Zuhr 1:30pm
Asr 4:30pm
Maghrib Sunset
Isha 8:30pm