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ARTicles No 4

To order Articles No. 4, "Art & Commerce," please send a check for $10 (payable to NAJP/Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism) to:
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Steve Dollar
Don't You Avant Me, Baby?: Finding a Niche for Jazz with an Edge

Christopher Reardon
The Market & The Muse: If an Artist Paints in Monastic Seclusion, Is it Art?

Anthony DeCurtis
The Corner and the Spotlight: R.E.M. Comes of Age

Ruth Lopez
Cartoon Bullets: Whose Verse Is It, Anyway?

Alan Hess
The Midway Reborn: The Architecture of Consumption

Misha Berson
Broadway: A Year on the Aisle

Manuel Mendoza
Tune In, Turn On: Defending TV

Jules Feiffer
Friends: A One-Act Play

Calvin Wilson
Kind of Blue: Some Thoughts on Music, Culture, and Class

Gwendolyn Freed
An Ear is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Classical Music's Failure in the Youth Market

Anita Amirrezvani
The More You Shake, the Better You Feel: Defying Culture, Inc., with Mambo

Carlin Romano
Belligerence, Booty, and Boosterism: On Ethics and Arts Journalism

Karen Michel
The Journalist in the Lotus: Seeking Enlightenment on the Beat

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