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ARTicles No 8

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Michael Feingold
$480 A Seat, or Personal Reflections on American Values, The Theater, Money and the Life We Don't Lead: A Free Association

Mary Jo Palumbo
I Am Not Done With My Changes: A Profile of Stanley Kunitz

Larry Blumenfeld
And Now, Our National Anthem: Does Jazz Sound Like America?

Gayle Feldman
Purple Heart: A Half Century Later, the Death of a Soldier Haunts a Family

David Warner
Fanfare for the Common Man: The New York Times' "Portraits of Grief" was Praised as a Journalistic Landmark-and Condemned as an Injustice to the Dead

Laura Bleiberg
Dancing Around Arts Education: How Can Kids Learn About Art Without Doing it Themselves?

Hilton Als
The Animals and Their Keepers: Garry Winogrand and Photography after September 11

Craig Seligman
Salting the Wound: Susan Sontag's New Yorker Essay was Misread, Misunderstood-and Miscalculated?

Sacha Jenkins
The Writing on the Wall: Graffiti Culture Crumbles into the Violence it Once Escaped

Edward M. Gomez
The Moment After: Past Postmodernism, Art Finds a New Soul

Jeanne Carstensen
Spawn On!: Bob Carroll and the Art of Dying

Jennifer de Poyen
Seeing Stars and Stripes: Amid all the Flag-Waving, A Writer Begins to Paint

Francis Davis
Fighting Words: A Postwar Journal

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