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News Coverage of Arts and Culture in America

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IN THE FIRST COMPREHENSIVE STUDY of how the arts are covered, "Reporting the Arts: News Coverage of Arts and Culture in America" analyzes 15 dailies in 10 cities across the country, the three national papers — The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today — as well as the Associated Press and network television.This report will serve as the benchmark for assessing future trends in arts coverage in the United States.

Introduction [all files pdf format]

Part I: Local Media

The Dailies: Hometown Press Performs a Juggling Act

The Cities:

Charlotte, North Carolina
Chicago, Illinois

Cleveland, Ohio

Denver, Colorado

Houston, Texas

Miami, Florida

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Portland, Oregon
Providence, Rhode Island
San Francisco Bay Area, California

Part II: National Media

The Papers: Art and Commerce at the Crossroads
The Wire: The Associated Press – Solidly Mainstream, Rarely Highbrow
The Networks: Television Skimps on Arts News
Methodological Appendix

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