Frequently Asked Questions


Q:Who picks up the phone at Nightline?

A:Well, we can't exactly tell you who we are because Nightline peer listeners must remain anonymous, but we can tell you that we are undergraduate students who are extensively trained and certified by professionals to listen to what's on your mind and offer support.

Q: What should I expect when I call them?

A:Expect a nonjudgmental, empathetic confidant to listen to whatever you want to talk about. While friends can offer helpful advice, sometimes the most valuable perspective is your own, and Nightline provides a safe space to explore your thoughts.

Q:What if what I'm going through isn't that big of a deal?

A:Nightline peer listeners are here to get you through the night, and if that means you need to talk about your relationship, your family, your classes or anything that is stressing you out, we are here to listen. You don't need to be going through a crisis to call; sometimes it just helps to talk to somebody.