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As human beings, we cannot live on bread alone. As an organization, we must have more than dry politics in the mix to keep us alive from day to day. CU-NORML encourages a healty cultural life on campus and encourages studens to submit artwork, writing and poetry, or to be in touch about musical, theatrical, or multimedia projects involving Cannabis Culture. E-mail submissions to norml@columbia.edu: or snail mail to:

"Higher Learning"
200 Bennett Ave., Apt. 2A
NYC, NY 10040


Following the publication of the last edition of Higher Learning, there was a lot of griping about the amateur nature of the poetry which had been published. As editor of Higher Learning I told all the would-be critics to blow, as they had not written anything better.

Thes still have not, which is why this section is devoid of student contributions this issue. I urge all CU-NORML members to contribute to the cultural expression of the values if the Cannabis Community of Columbia, by submitting short stories, poems, drawings, photographs, and other artisic expressions of what cannabis means to you.

What are those aspects of the cannabis experience which hold the strongest meaning for you? Is it the actual feeling of being high? Aid in exploring you spirituality? Enhancement of other pleasurablesensations in activities like sex, eating, and music? Relief from the symptoms of a medical condition? The feelings of bonding and community with your fellow smokers? Whatever it is, tell us about it! Be creative!

With that I will leave you, for lack of any student submissions, the lyrics of a somg performed by the band Sublime. The story of Sublime's lead singer, Bradley Nowell, is a cautionary one for all Columbia marijuana users. Bradley tragically died of a heroin overdose last summer, after years of struggling with addiction. An incredibly bright artistic future was cut short, and thousands of fans like myself were left wondering why.

I urge all of my fellow smokers to play saf, and bae responsible. Your community is stronger and better because you are part of it. I also think I can speak for all of us in the leadership of NORML when I say that we care whether you are alive in the morning, so take care of yourselves and each other.

Peace and One Love,

Aaron Wilson

Two Joints

I smoke two joints in the morning
I smoke two joints at night.
I smoke two joints in the afternoon
It makes me feel alright.

I smoke two joints in times of peace
And two in times of war.
I smoke two joints before I some two joints
And then I smoke two more!

Smoke cigarettes 'til the day she die
Smoke a big spliff of some good sensimilla

Daddy he once told me: Son, you be hardworking man
Mommy she once told me: Son, you do the best you can
But then one day, I met a man, who came to me and said:
I work good, and I work fine, but first take caare of HEAD.


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