Two compact disks have been recorded over the years at the Postcrypt Coffeehouse. In 1995, we released a compilation of live music to commemorate our 30th anniversary. In addition, Fast Folk Musical Magazine recorded a live CD at the 'Crypt in 1992.

Commemorating 30 Years 1964-1994

Commemorating 30 Years cover Featuring live performances by:

Ellis Paul, Sarah Greene, Buddy Mondlock, Cliff Eberhardt, Richard Meyer, Erica Wheeler, Ansel Matthews, Peter Keane, Dar Williams, Hugh Blumenfeld, Richard Shindell, The Nudes, Vicky Pratt Keating, Michael McNevin, Hugh Pool, Jane Byaela, Richard Julian, Dave's True Story, and Jim Infantino.

The CD is on the Prime CD label. You can look at the complete song list, credits, and liner notes. You can also read an article about the CD from the Columbia University Record.

You may buy this CD at the Postcrypt Coffeehouse, online at or by phone at 1-800-PRIME-CD.

Cassette copies available only at Postcrypt Coffeehouse.

Fast Folk Musical Magazine: Live at the Postcrypt Coffeehouse

Fast Folk Cover Featuring live performances by:

Five Chinese Brothers, Michael Jerling, Professor Louie, Wendy Beckerman, David Hamburger, Pat Humphries, Eddie Lawrence, Richard Shindell, Beverly Greenfield, Susan Firing, David Ray, Jeff Wilkinson, Jane Byaela, Michael Fitzco, Tom Dickie, David Cantor, Ned Flathead Landin, Richard Julian, and Frank Tedesso.

You can look at the complete song list and credits.

Unfortunately, the coffeehouse has sold out its supply of this CD. However, the entire Fast Folk catalog was recently sold to the Smithsonian Folkways label, which has rereleased the entire Fast Folk catalog on custom CD.

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