Ending Povertees: t-shirts with awesome/witty/mildly educational
slogans, as a fundraiser for Millennium Promise. Millennium Promise is a
non-profit organization that supplements the Millennium Development Goals
(created by the U.N. and Columbia's very own Earth Institute Chair Jeffrey
Sachs). The money raised from the sale of 1 shirt sends a bed net to
Africa in order to prevent the spread of malaria (which typically infects
children bitten by mosquitoes at night).

The bednets are bought from the single mass producer of nets in Africa,
located in Tanzania. Why go through BCUPHS and Millennium Promise, you
ask? Well, MP has a relationship with this company so when they put in an
order; it goes straight to the top of the list (and keep in mind how many
NGOs out there are buying bednets from this company). Not only that, but
the money used to buy the nets, actually just goes towards the nets, it
doesn't pay for any administrative duties or perks.

It starts with us. Buy a shirt, Save a life.