1. Ending Povertees  (Chair:  Akhila Iyer)

- Chief aim is the advertising and selling of T-shirts with awesome/witty/mildly educational slogans, as a fundraiser for Millennium Promise. Millennium Promise is a non-profit organization
that supplements the Millennium Development Goals (created by the U.N. and Columbia's very own Earth Institute Chair Jeffrey Sachs).
- The money raised from the sale of 1 shirt sends a bed net to Africa in order to prevent the spread of malaria (which typically infects children bitten by mosquitoes at night).
- Order through email: Click here to download the order form

2. Service Committee  (Co-chairs: Tara McAlexander & Khadeejah Bari)

- This committee's goal is to plan and execute service events related to public health for all BCUPHS members with the aim of being more connected and knowledgeable of the needs of our surrounding community.


3. pH level  (Co-chairs: Tara McAlexander & Sonia Sethi)

- BCUPHS' very own newsletter, the pH level, is a publication focused on current public health news and events.
- Two newsletters are published and distributed to the wider Barnard and Columbia undergraduate community each semester.
- Writers, graphic designers, copy-editors, anyone interested in and/or familiar with producing a newsletter are encouraged to join!

4. Coffeehouse  (Chair: Sarah Eberle)

- Weekly discussion about anything public health over tea/coffee/beverage.
- Bring news articles, books, or just a random thought, and share with fellow BCUPHS members.

5. Pre-professional Committee  (Co-chairs:  Alexis Wanzenberg & Sabrina Brem)

- Connect BCUPHS with public health pre-professional resources including the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University.
-Provide information about public health options in Graduate school.
- Organize career panels with panelists currently working in the public health field.

6. Developing Regions Photograph Gallery   (Contact:  Christine White)

- At the end of this fall semester, a gallery will be held to raise money for a cause promoted by our keynote speaker.  Photograph submissions will be accepted by students of all Columbia schools.  A small entry fee will be charged, and student photographers will be given the opportunity to sell their photographs (or digital copies) for donations to this cause.  The goal is to present the issues of developing nations under the setting of an art gallery.