Links and Resources

Campus Community

We are under Columbia University's Green Umbrella, the umbrella organization linking all of the environmental groups on campus.

We are an officialy recognized group by Columbia's Student Governing Board (SGB)

We used to have more formal ties to United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) but we still think they're pretty great.

Barnard's Human Rights program has us on a list of other student groups.

A previous incarnation of SEEJ made a really cool zine. Some of the information of outdated, but most of the information is super cool. It is titled the "SEEJ operating manual" and lives in the Barnard Zine Library (which is also super cool). Visit it!

Consensus & Facilitation

A short guide to consensus from Seeds for Change

A short guide to facilitation from Seeds for Change

The full list of resources from Seeds for Change about consensus and facilitation.

A checklist for consensus.