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Fall 2023 Speaker Schedule

October 19
Speaker: Britta Ingebretson, Fordham University, "'I Can't Even Read One Word': Women's (il)literacy and The Unmaking of the Chinese Peasant Class."
Discussant: Leta Hong Fincher, Columbia University

November 16
Speaker: Denise Ho, Yale University, "Cross Border Media and Exchange: Hong Kong and China’s Citizens in the 1980s."
Discussant: Eugenia Lean, Columbia University

December 7
Speaker: David Luesink, Sacred Heart University, "The Chinese Anatomical Revolution and its Limits."
Discussant: Grace Shen, Fordham University

In fall 2023, each gathering of the Modern China Seminar will take place both in person at 918 IAB (the International Affairs building) as well as online via Zoom. The speaker's conference paper is pre-circulated at least one week prior to our meeting by means of a password-protected link on our website. The discussion begins at 7:00pm. One of our co-chairs gives a short introduction, then the speaker has 10 minutes to give context for his or her project. The discussant then offers comments for 15 minutes, followed by the speaker's response to the discussant's remarks. We then open the floor for broader discussion until we end at 8:30pm. For any questions, comments or requests, please contact the rapporteur.

Sessions are open only to members, associates, and invited guests.

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