Events Overview

SHPE National Conference:
The National SHPE Conference is the best opportunity to network with companies and obtain internships or full-time jobs. The National Conference is the biggest conference for Hispanics in United States. More than 200 companies attend to the career fair looking for Hispanic talent. These companies also support different competitions like the Extreme Engineering Competition that consists of a non-stop 24 hours competition to design a specific machine.

SHPE Regional Leadership Development Conference:
The SHPE Regional Leadership Development Conference (RLDC) is the opportunity for the new leaders of the chapter to increase their leadership abilities and network with the leaders of the region. The seven regions have an RLDC conference each year at a specific university. All the conferences offer leadership skills training and networking opportunities.

SHPE Noche de Ciencas:
Noche De Ciencias or (Science Night) is a two hour visitation program at a hosting school that is carefully selected. This year, Aviation High School was chosen to host our Noche De Ciencias event. Each year, the members of CU SHPE get together and organize an inspirational night of science to remember. This year we will visit groups of students, parents, and educators to share with them some inspirational words, provocative thinking, and most importantly share our struggles and suggestions with the students. The parents will be given a separate workshop to learn more about where to get money for college, how to help their kids stay motivated at school, and let them know that there is a group of engineers in their community they can always reach out to.

CCO Day of Service:
Columbia SHPE actively participates in Columbia's CCO Day of Service. Columbia's CCO Day of Service is Columbia University's largest day of community service, which unites students, faculty, and alumni alike. Every year, hundreds of volunteers gather at designated locations throughout New York City to lend a helping hand. In recent years, projects have included rebeautifying parks, serving food in soup kitchens, running errands for homeless shelters, and performing administrative work at neighboring schools.