• Cross-national studies of various social policies and/or programs: social service delivery systems for children, youth, the aged, families; child care; income transfers for families with children; maternity and parental benefits and leaves; government policies affecting families and children.

  • U.S. social policy studies, either alone (a survey of maternity and parental benefits at the workplace; employer responses to a changing labor force; social policy and mother-only families), or as part of a larger international study.

  • Conferences, meetings, working parties, research dissemination or launching discussion of significant policy domains, e.g., family policy; child support.

  • University seminars, e.g., "Children and Their Families in Big Cities", "Privatization and the Welfare State".

  • Lectures, consultations, and so forth for international organizations, governments, foundations, national scientific and professional bodies, and educational institutions.

  • Dissemination, including response to queries from all the media and special report series, such as "Confronting the New Politics of Child and Family Policy" (1996, 1997).

  • The Cross-National Studies Research Program is one of the three founding Centers for the Institute for Child and Family Policy at Columbia University.