Students United for America
at Columbia University in the City of New York
a nonpartisan organization promoting community service and global debate

About Us

Students United for America (SUA) at Columbia University is a nonpartisan undergraduate organization that promotes social awareness through community service activities and speaking events promoting global debate. Established soon after the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, the group served as a student response to the strong patriotic sentiment at Columbia University.

Starting in 2004, SUA organized charity events starting with facilitating donations for Disabled American Veterans (DAV). In 2005, SUA initiated the Great American Movie Series (GAMS), which highlights historically important American motion pictures, and began the Eisenhower Forum, a speaking series designed to help promote a better understanding of the global geopolitical environment. In 2006, SUA launched "Dinner with a Guest," a dinner series designed to help the community better understand a diverse array of career opportunities available after gradation.

SUA also orchestrates various memorial activities. Since 2002, every September 11th, SUA holds a name reading memorial during the hours of the morning. Since 2004, every December 7th, suA organizes a charity event to raise money for veteran causes.

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