Tablet is Columbia University’s only multicultural literary and art magazine. Published each semester, Tablet reflects the diverse community of Columbia and New York and is geared towards providing an open forum in which various cultural issues can be discussed in a literary context. Our goal is to enrich the Columbia community with a mix of cultural expressions.


Hannah Lepow

Literary Editor:
Sarah Deutsch

Art Editor:
Patricia Sazani

Design Editor:
Charline Tetiyevsky

Nicole Catá

Editorial Staff:
Claire Bullen
Nicole Cata
Chloe Campbell
Rachel Karp
Anna Kelner
Crystal Kim
Jane Magida
Dan Taeyoung Lee
Kassandra Lee
Jordan Lord
Pavitra Mehta
Mallika Narain
Alyssa Robinson
Alexander Slotnick
Elisa de Souza
Lucy Sun
Erica Weaver
Nancy Xu

Art Staff:
Claire Bullen
Juliana Richards
Dan Taeyoung Lee

Charline Tetiyevsky
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Any opinions or views expressed in this magazine are those of the authors/artists and do not necessarily reflect those of Tablet’s staff.