To the Columbia Community,The Activities Board at Columbia does not condone the viewsrecently expressed in a cartoon by one of our groups, the Fed. Ourstudent organizations function autonomously, but we stronglybelieve that they all should show responsibility and respect to thegreater community.Currently, we are evaluating the situation and we support the opendialogue that has been taking place over the past several days. Weintend to meet with the various organizations involved and with theColumbia administration to confront the issue at hand. The problemof racism on campus affects all students and student groups, and itshould not go unaddressed. At no time is campus dialogue moreimportant than now when we can use this revealing incident to learnand grow as a community.We welcome any comments or suggestions regarding this situation,please contact us at [email protected]. As soon as informationbecomes available, the ABC will do its best to update ourconstituents and other student groups.


Scott Weiss, ABC PresidentJudy Choi, ABC Vice PresidentChristine Luu, ABC Treasurer

Katrina Rouse, ABC Secretary

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