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4/23/05 weekly email for 4/23/05
4/23/05 HOT 97's Miss Jones & Tsunami Victims
4/23/05 Negotiations with Columbia Administration
4/23/05 Letter on Native American Studies
3/2/2004 Bollinger Answers Student Demands - Bollinger Proposes "Multicultural Office"; Students Unsatisfied
3/1/2004 Bollinger's Response to Proposal
2/27/2004 Protesters Present Bollinger with Demands
2/26/2004 Proposal to Administration For a More Diverse Columbia
2/26/2004 Protesters Hold Forum, Draw Up Demands; 2/26/04
2/25/2004 Protesters: Bollinger's Response Not Enough
2/25/2004 An Apology for Orgo Night
2/25/2004 Segregation's American History
2/25/2004 CUMB: It's Time to Make Amends Spectator (Opinion Piece)
2/24/2004 Dean Colombo Responds to "campus racism issues"
2/24/2004 President Bollinger Speaks Out about recent events; 2/24/04
2/24/2004 Statement by President Judith Shapiro of Barnard College on the
comic strip published in the Fed
2/24/2004 ABC issues Statement
2/24/2004 Spectator Article on Protest
2/24/2004 Spectator Article - Bollinger Speaks Out
2/24/2004 STAFF EDITORIAL: Reactions to Racism
2/24/2004 Anti-Affirmative Action once again
2/24/2004 Spectator Staff Article
2/23/2004 SPECIAL! PARENT Challenges Bollinger to "Speak into the Mike"!! 
2/23/2004 Stop Racism News- Cartoon Makes NY1 News, Radio Show, etc.
2/21/2004 Special Racism Alert -Widespread Outrage over Fed and events prior  
2/20/2004 Ethnic Studies News- Professor Okihiro discusses ES
3/13/2000 Read the History of Institutional Racism and, current Columbia President, Lee Bollinger's response to racist acts at U. of Michigan 

For more information about events concerning the community of color on campus contact the Intercultural Resources Center at:

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