Chronic Disease Endangers Major College Campus

IS Diversity Just Another Buzz Word on the Butt of Mankind

Columbia University, February 23, 2004:

This malady is as old as America, and its major symptom is the Character Assassination Of An Entire Race Of People. Yes, itís new and improved, itís faster than a speeding bullet, itís able to leap tall buildings in a single bound -- itís -- Racism!

Fortunately there is a known cure for this disease. Unfortunately the afflicted refuse medication. Consequently, this festering disease is alive and well at one of the most prestigious university campusí in this country, Columbia University. Most would agree that these times are critical, and they are very hard to deal with, so why are some of us chasing the garbage truck to take back the trash? Donít we have enough problems that are specific to our time period?

For the past few weeks, some student groups that are housed on the campus of Columbia University have made it their business to suspire life and resurrect this pustule on the butt of humanity. Over the past few weeks, various groups on campus released and posted disparaging and racist cartoons, flyers, and statements, and they continue to do so. Their cowardice behavior allows them to hide behind 1st amendment rights, yet the e-mail of minority students may be censored. Equally as objectionable is that the powers in charge have not taken a stand, and their silence gives approval.

As a parent to a student on this campus, I am outraged, and I call for redress. Mr. Bollinger Would You Please... Speak Into The Mike ?

Racism Is Unacceptable! From Anyone.

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