Dear Students:

Columbia College and Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science prides itself on a vibrant and active student life which includes activities and programs from over 300 recognized student organizations. We place a high value on the diversity to be found within our community and encourage dialogue and spirited debate that promotes an enriched educational community.


Student Affairs becomes concerned however when these dialogues become offensive, polarizing the community rather than encouraging healthy, principled debates. Recent activities regarding Affirmative Action and Black History Month by some student groups have crossed this line, undermining the civil environment necessary to provide healthy debates that respect the

views of opposing groups. We do not condone these tactics which have hampered the fostering of a climate of social progress and educational exchange. As members of a multicultural community, we need to strive for respect of all views and opinions in which divergent ideas can be expressed.


Student Affairs is here to assist all student groups to promote their message and mission in a responsible and civil fashion. We see our goal as the promotion of awareness and appreciation of the experiences and perspectives that the many and varied communities contribute to our campus



In light of these recent activities Student Affairs, the Office of the University Chaplain, and other administrators have met with the leadership of several student organizations to discuss ways to strengthen civil discourse on campus. Last week, the Office of the University Chaplain held a

Common Meal where representatives from opposing groups were able to discuss their concerns and learn from one another. 


The Intercultural Resource Center held a speak out and has planned an affirmative action teach-in. The Division of Student Affairs is also partnering with student groups to offer on-going programming that addresses campus climate. We encourage you to continue such constructive dialogue with your peers, and invite you to contact us if you would like to confer with an administrator or strategize about other possible programs. The following offices and people within Student Affairs and the Office of the University 


Chaplain are available.

Intercultural Resources

Corlisse Thomas 212-854-0720

Suzanne Stuart 212-854-7461


Student Development and Activities

Kevin Shollenberger 212-854-3611

Robert Taylor 212-854-3611

Sharron Evans 212-854-3611

Stanyell Bruce 212-854-3611


Advising and Residential Programs

Sandra Johnson 212-854-2526

Francy McGee 212-854-6805


Office of the University Chaplain

Jewelnel Davis 212-854-1493

Susan Wong 212-854-0480

Brian Maasjo 212-854-6256



Chris Colombo

Dean of Student Affairs


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