The fed cartoon story is going to make it to package and its playing in the first block--which means before the first commercial. It will air tonight, 2/23/04 on NY1 at 8PM--  Tania Hernandez will be reporting live in a donut from campus in the first block right after John Edwards in NYC and Bush speech, which means they're ranking it up there in "important stories". SPREAD THE WORD and tell everyone to watch. The more people watch, the more people know. NY1--cable channel 1. To view or make a copy of the video tape, send email with title "VIDEO" to [email protected] or [email protected]



February 23, 2004


This Wednesday WWRL 1600AM will broadcast its Morning Show live from Alfred Lehrner Hall on the Columbia University Campus. The broadcast will take place from 6am - 10am. We want to take this opportunity to invite you and members of your organization to join us for the broadcast for a portion of the morning.

The WWRL Morning Show is hosted by NY Daily News Columnist Karen Hunter and community leader and educator Rabbi Shea Hecht. It is the only talk radio program and maybe the only radio program of any kind that brings together a black host and an orthodox Jewish host to discuss issues in the news locally and internationally such as the economy, health care, racism, the war in Iraq, Middle East politics, etc.

Our broadcast on Wednesday from Columbia will feature guests such as Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly; Representatives from the photo exhibit currently on display in Low Library, "The Long Walk To Freedom"; Director of the Institute for Research in African American Studies at Columbia, Professor Farah Griffin; Devon Woolcock, Sr. VP/Chief of Retail Banking, Carver Federal Savings Bank and others.

We hope that you can spread the word to your fellow students about our broadcast taking place on Wednesday morning. We particularly would like to see you stop by the broadcast on your way to class so that we can open up the microphones to you and let you sound off on issues that you believe are important in this world of ours.

This is the last stop in this round of broadcasts from college campuses, we have previously broadcast from Rutgers University-Newark, Medgar Evers College and York College. We would like this one to be the best and to do that we need your participation and input.

So we hope to see you as WWRL broadcasts live this Wednesday Morning from Alfred Lerner Hall in room 555 from 6-10am.



Marko S. Nobles

Community Relations &

Promotions Director

333 Seventh Avenue, 14th Floor - New York, NY 10001

Phone: 212-631-0800 Fax: 212-239-7203 www.WWRL1600.co

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