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What is Columbia?
Often confused with a country in South America, Columbia the University is a school in the northern reaches of Manhattan island in New York City. It's part of a group of schools called the Ivy League though the campus does not seem to actually have any ivy.

What is moot court?
The first moots were gatherings of Anglo-Saxon freemen to administer justice in a local community, the predecessor to trial by jury. As an adjective, moot has the double meaning of something that is debatable and something without practical significance, e.g. a moot point. Modern moot courts are related to all these meanings. A moot court is a gathering of law students who come to debate hypothetical matters. While the particular facts are hypothetical, moots are thoroughly practical. Moots complement legal education with hands-on training and, especially with Vis, strengthen the global community of lawyers. Most of all, moots are great fun. If you argue with yourself, people may think you're schizophrenic. If you argue with other people, however, you're a lawyer in training.

What is the Vis?
The Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Vis for short (no one calls it the Willy for some reason), is the world's leading moot court in private international law. It may be the world's only moot court in private international law but that's a (painful pun follows) moot point. For more information, check out Vis Moot.

What is the Columbia Vis moot court team?
We're the folks from the school unrelated to the South American country that represent at this thing that has something to do with Anglo-Saxons and international law.

Columbia VIS moot court team