Asian American Filmography

Many instructors who teach about East Asia also contemplate teaching courses on Asians in the diaspora, and/or deal with this subject in some fashion in the classroom.  This filmography is designed to provide instructors of students from the senior high school to adult level with a fully annotated list of reliable, accessible, and easily attainable film and video resources on the topic of Asian Americans.  The films included in this select list are wide-ranging in subject matter and style, from history documentary to feature film. To make these materials as useful as possible, they are arranged in multiple categories, from ethnicity and genre to over a dozen subject topics. Links are provided to background information, reviews, related articles, and teaching units.

Films Listed Alphabetically
Films Listed by Ethnicity
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Films Listed by Genre

Special thanks to all of the ExEAS interns who worked on this project including Sam Hedman, Danielle Hemple, Ken Kiyota, Jennie Lin, Shinko Toku, and Vivian Wang.

Photo Credits (left to right): Filmakers Library; Center for Asian American Media; Center for Asian American Media
Asian American Filmography ExEAS