Genre: Feature/Comedy
Ethnicity: South Asian American/Canadian
Themes: Culture (art/performance), Cultural Encounter & Misunderstanding,
Family and Intergenerational Issues, Identity/Representation
Date: 2002
Running Time: 110 min.
Director: Deepa Mehta
Producer: David Hamilton
Availability: Widely available for purchase on DVD through retail venues (List price: $24.98).  Available for rental at many retail video stores and through Netflix.
Set in Toronto, where the acclaimed India-born filmmaker, Deepa Mehta, director of the controversial Fire, Earth, and now Water, is based, Bollywood/Hollywood provides a taste of witty Bollywood-style song and dance numbers while exploring intergenerational issues and inter-racial dating.  The film’s handsome and wealthy protagonist Rahul Seth is the eldest son in an Indian-Canadian family, and is faithfully protective of his two younger siblings.  While he has fully assimilated, his family, especially his mother and grandmother, maintain traditional Indian values.  In an attempt to get Rahul to marry an Indian woman, his mother and grandmother threaten to cancel his younger sister’s wedding unless he finds himself an Indian girlfriend.  Rahul, who "just isn't interested," hires an escort, Sue, who he assumes is Hispanic but who he believes "could pass for East Indian," to pose as his fiancée until his sister’s wedding.  The days leading up to his sister’s wedding are truly nerve-wrecking for Rahul, who must essentially put on a farce for his family, but as the truths start to unravel, Rahul is made to take a stand for what really matters — for him, and for his family.

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