The Good Son

The Good Son Photo
Photo courtesy of Third World Newsreel (

Genre: Documentary
Ethnicity: Filipino American
Themes: Culture (Religion), Cultural Encounter & Misunderstanding, Family and Intergenerational Issues, Identity/Representation, Immigrant/Refugee Experience/Diaspora, Youth
Date: 2002
Running Time: 9 min.
Director: Michael Sandoval
Center for Asian American Media (formerly NAATA)
College/Institution: VHS $65 Purchase/$30 Rental

Third World Newsreel
DVD $175 Purchase/$50 Rental
Traditional ideas about filial piety are challenged in this intimate documentary about a young Filipino American boxer living with his domineering father, a minister.  Their living room doubles as a space for both sparring and Sunday service, yet below their conflict lies an unspoken truce. (Courtesy of the Center for Asian American Media)

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