Maya Lin Photo
Photo courtesy of Freida Mock, Director

Genre: Documentary
Ethnicity: Chinese American
Themes: Culture (Art), History, Identity/Representation,
Individual Profiles & Personal Stories, Political/Legal Issues
Date: 1994
Running Time: 98 min.
Director: Freida Lee Mock
Producers: Freida Lee Mock and Terry Sanders

American Film Foundation
Public Performance Rights: $149
Home Video: $34.95 (DVD)

Available from Netflix and some retail video rental outlets. 
Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision is a portrait of the Chinese American artist and architect who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at the age of 20 while still an undergraduate at Yale University.  The film tells the story of the controversial Vietnam Veterans Memorial with opponents arrayed against Lin as too young, a woman, and an Asian American, who was clearly not patriotic enough.  The film tells how she designed the memorial, how it came to be built, and then follows her career over the next fourteen years as she matured and created other extraordinary designs, including the Civil Rights Memorial, the Yale Women’s Table, and the Juniata Peace Chapel.  Although the film delves very little into Lin’s personal life (she is the daughter of academics at Oberlin College and grew up in a town where she and her family were the only nonwhites), it is nonetheless excellent for use in courses in women’s studies, Vietnam-era history, civil rights and African American studies, Asian American studies, art and architecture, ecology, gender and race, and ethnic studies.

Academy Award, 1995, Best Feature Documentary

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Supplementary Materials
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Discusses Lin’s architectural career and her designs.
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