Our Coaches:

Fred Francoeur

Fred started wushu at Columbia in 2010. He now trains under Sifu Chen Ying.

Tim Wang

Tim Wang began wushu at Columbia in 2013. Tim represented the U.S. at the 2019 Pan-American Wushu Championships, where he won gold in both Double Broadsword and Xingyi Fist. He has been fortunate to train under Brian Wang, O-mei Wushu, and the Anhui Provincial Wushu Team. Tim graduated Columbia College in 2017 and is currently enrolled in Columbia Law School.

Our E-Board:

Federick Gonzalez, President

Federick is a junior studying Computer Science in SEAS, dragged into wushu by an attraction to shiny things and one enthusiastic eboard member. Not to toot his horn or anything, but he plays a mean trombone.♪♪)>ш=(^。^ ) He is also member of Columbia Pops. His only but highly significant flaw is that he does not enjoy the hit series Cyberchase.

Miranda Li, Vice President

Miranda is a junior in Columbia College studying Biology with a special concentration in Public Health. Her main goal in life is to climb tall peaks and do some epic wushu at the top. And to become a physician-scientist, maybe walk on Mars. But, you know, one step at a time!

Shuhan Zhang, Secretary

Shuhan Zhang is a sophomore studying Physics in CC. Growing up in China, she has been attracted by Wushu from Wuxia novels and TV series, so she was very glad to start learning Wushu in the supportive community of CU Wushu. In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels, watching Wushu videos, and writing science fiction.

Justin Chen, Treasurer

Justin is a junior studying Computer Science in SEAS. He is also a member of SpecTech and Asian American Alliance. In his spare time, he enjoys editing photos of wushu members to create memes. Even though his glasses fly off of his face when practicing nandu, you can be sure that he's checking every inch of wushu paperwork closely! ಠ_ರೃ

Angela Tran, Community Chair

Angela is a junior at Barnard studying comparative literature and art history, which is a lot more pretentious than it sounds... Okay, it's exactly as pretentious as it sounds. As suggested by her field of study, she enjoys writing poetry, reading doorstoppers, and making lots and lots of digital art, as well as watching copious amounts of YouTube and listening to copious amounts of podcasts and kpop. Before wushu, she had very much lived a sedentary lifestyle (with a table tennis or dancing interlude here or there), but since joining in her sophomore year, she has enjoyed moving around very much.

Bryanna Geiger, Senior Advisor

Hi friends! My name is Bryanna! I am an ukulele enthusiast, former soccer player, and Gryffindor from New York, NY. I am a junior currently majoring in CS in SEAS... and minoring in psych... and doing pre health... Since coming to Columbia, I've fallen in love with wushu, wushu and wushu. My biggest commitment outside of wushu is practicing wushu, where I build community, plan events, and bully freshmen into joining wushu. Oh, forgot to mention, are you interested in joining wushu?