Our Coaches:

Tim Wang

Tim Wang began wushu at Columbia in 2013. Tim represented the U.S. at the 2019 Pan-American Wushu Championships, where he won gold in both Double Broadsword and Xingyi Fist. He has been fortunate to train under Brian Wang, O-mei Wushu, and the Anhui Provincial Wushu Team. Tim graduated Columbia College in 2017 and is currently enrolled in Columbia Law School.

Our E-Board:

Shuhan Zhang, President

Shuhan Zhang is a senior studying physics and math in CC. Growing up in China, she has been attracted by Wushu from Wuxia novels and movies, so she was very glad to join the supportive community of CU Wushu. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing science fiction.

Jordan Choi, Vice President

Jordan is a sophomore in SEAS studying mechanical engineering. She has no background in martial arts, but after accidentally engaging in conversation with the cool people at the CU Wushu activities fair table, she decided to try the club and never left. When she's not frantically finishing up a pset, she can be found playing board games or on a boba run to Gong Cha.

Claire Sun, Treasurer

Claire is a sophomore at Barnard studying economics. In her free time she enjoys listening to copious amounts of music, playing beach volleyball, and falling off her skateboard. She discovered CU wushu after being blinded by a light that was reflected off of a weapon at the club fair booth. Claire would also like to note that while she is aware of how cultish this picture appears, Wushu is not a cult and she just has a very small supply of semi-acceptable photos.

Embyr Williams, Secretary

Embyr is a sophomore in Columbia College studying computer science. She started practicing martial arts in high school with Taekwondo and BJJ, but was introduced to Wushu at Columbia. In her free time, she loves making art, playing video games (especially Stardew Valley), and eating sushi from Cafe East.

Maddy Chen, Personnel Outreach Coordinator

Maddy is a first year DNP student at Columbia University School of Nursing. Since the age of 3 she has danced ballet, so she decided to switch things up and start practicing Wushu. While she isn't practicing her Wushu, she is cooking, baking, and watering her plants.