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Preliminary Geological Map of Portions of Herkimer... and Adjacent Counties

NYS Museum Bulletin 95 (1905), plate 14, 8.75"h x 13"w
Geologic map with coding in one color (light brown) in a variety of similar patterns.

  1. Original-Fiche-Drum, Set 2, 512x768, 257KB
  2. Original-Fiche-Drum, Set 2, 1024x1536, 1.2MB
Comment: This subset of the Herkimer images demonstrate that we can successfully view smaller map images online (8.75"h x 13"w).

Surface Geology of Mooers Quadrangle

NYS Museum Bulletin 84 (1905), loose map, 17.5"h x 24"w
Typical geologic map with fine detail and subtle color coding.

  1. Original-Fiche-Digital Camera, Set 2, 512x768, 132KB
  2. Original-Fiche-Digital Camera, Set 2, 2048x3072, 2.3MB
Comment: This subset of the Mooers Quadrangle images demonstrate the difficulty in viewing oversized maps online. (17.5"h x 24"w).

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