Oversized Color Images:
Addressing Issues of Preservation and Access,
New York State Museum Bulletins Project

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Summary of project

This site contains the results of a project, under contract to the Commission on Preservation and Access, 1994-96, to identify the most acceptable preservation and access techniques for brittle textual materials associated with oversized color images. Volumes of the New York State Museum Bulletin have been used as the test case.

In Phase I, Oversized Color Images Project, five oversize color maps from the Museum Bulletin were scanned, as were single-frame color microfiche of the maps (produced during an earlier Commission-sponsored project) and also 4 x 5" color transparencies. Paper printouts were made from each digital version. All of the digital versions (over 300 images) and the final report on Phase I are available online.

In Addressing Issues of Preservation and Access, Phase Two, the full text of four volumes of the Museum Bulletin (80,84,95,99) was microfilmed and scanned, while all of the illustrations, including the oversize maps, were reproduced on color film and scanned. The illustrations and texts are available online, and a search capability has been provided. The final report on Phase II is available online.

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