New York State Museum Bulletin No. 80
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1
Operations in the feld 3
Office work 9
Investigations in progress 14
Stratigraphic and areal maps 17
Miscellaneous 18
Present staff 21
Appendix I: Accessions 23
Exchanges 24
Collections 27
New York localities by counties 30
Index to formations 31
"Appendix 3: Type specimens of Paleozoic fossils, supplement 1" 43
Perce. J. M. Clarke 134
Upper Siluric and Lower Devonic Faunas of Trilobite Mountain. H.W. Shimer 173
"Contributions to the Fauna of Chazy Limestone on Valcour Island, Lake Champlain. G H Hudson" 270
Structure of Some Primitive Cephalopods 296
Notes on the Siluricor Ontaric Section of Eastern New York. C.A. Hatnagel 342
Explanation of plates 359
Index 385

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