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Chapter 7 Stereochemistry

7.1 Molecular Chirality. Enantiomers
7.2 The Stereogenic Center
7.3 Symmetry in Achiral Structure

7.4 Properties of Chiral Molecules: Optical Activity
7.5 Absolute and Relative Configuration

7.6 The Cahn-Ingold-Prelog R-S Notational System
7.7 Fischer Projection Formulas

7.8 Physical Properties of Enantiomers
Chiral Drugs
7.9 Reactions That Create a Stereogenic Center
7.10 Chiral Molecules with Two Stereogenic Centers
7.11 Achiral Molecules with Two Stereogenic Centers
Chirality of Disubstituted Cyclohexanes
7.12 Molecules with Multiple Stereogenic Centers

7.13 Reactions That Produce Diastereomers
7.14 Resolution of Enantiomers
7.15 Stereoregular Polymers
7.16 Stereogenic Centers Other Than Carbon
7.17 Summary

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Organic Reaction Mechanisms

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