Footpath to Entrance Hall 

This walkway leads one to the stone steps which themselves lead one to the entrance hall of the palace.  The walkway, attributed to the great garden designer, Kobori Enshû, exhibits an intricate and very man-made pattern in contrast with most of the uncut natural rock the walker has seen thus far.
Stone steps to The Entrance Hall
The topmost stone step, on the stairway right before the Entrance Hall (mikoshiyose), is called the "footgear stone" and is where guests removed their foot wear prior to entering the house.  The Entrance Hall as a design feature came into use during the mid-Heian period and continued to be used thereafter as a entrance for honored guests.  Such a structure would be found on all proper aristocratic homes of the time.  And serves as another indication of the many different styles that the Katsura designers were drawing from

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