Ethics Challenge

The Center for Bioethics and The Arnold P. Gold Foundation have collaborated to produce an interactive monthly series of case studies entitled The Web-based Ethics Challenge. This educational resource has been developed by the Center for Bioethics and several medical schools to encourage “spaced practice” learning. On the Ethics Challenge Bulletin Board, medical students will find stimulating and thought-provoking cases on ethical issues related to the practice of medicine

Each month a new case will be posted on the Gold Foundation Website by one of the host medical schools. During the following four week period, students can post their responses to the Ethics Challenge Bulletin Board, which then will be judged by how the learner applies ethical principles and considers the social, legal, and policy implications of the problem and proposed solution. Answers to our challenge case are placed on the bulletin board as a learning resource for others. At the conclusion of the four week period, the host school will post its own conclusions or an Ethics Committee decision.

To access this informative Ethics Challenge Bulletin Board, please click here.