Lang Youth Medical Program

Program Overview:

Established in 2003, the Lang Youth Medical Program (Lang Youth) at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP) is a medical pipeline program that prepares young adults from the Washington Heights and Inwood community for careers in biomedical science and medicine. Each year, 10-12 exceptionally bright 6th graders currently attending public schools in Washington Heights and Inwood are selected to participate in Lang Youth, convening on the NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia campus every Saturday during the academic year and five days each week during July. Over the course of six years, Lang Scholars are provided with a challenging “miniature medical school” curriculum, mentorship and guidance by some of the most distinguished minds in medicine and science, and access to state-of-the-art healthcare facilities at a world-class academic medical center. What’s more, Lang Youth strives to cultivate social responsibility and activism among Lang Scholars through community health outreach and service education projects.

The mission of Lang Youth is to inspire young people from the Washington Heights and Inwood communities to develop the intellectual habits of mind and life skills to become college bound and become the future leaders in science and healthcare. Specifically, our goals are to:

- Cultivate an interest in science and healthcare
- Interrupt the cycle of inter-generational poverty
- Instill a sense of personal commitment to community service
- Ensure that all Lang Scholars matriculate through high school, receive college advisement, & gain admittance to a four-year college upon completion of the program

Number of people served per year:
Lang Youth is fully implemented, serving 69 students in grades 7– 12 and their families.

Outcomes/ Results:
• Retention rate is 84%; the parent participation is upward of 80%.
• In 2009 the Program graduated its first class. All matriculated into four-year colleges and universities. One received a full scholarship to Vanderbilt University through the prestigious Posse Foundation. Overall, the first graduates earned over $330,000 in financial aid and scholarship awards.
• Fifty percent of the members of this first cohort have already declared an interest in a science major or the pre-medical track.

• Public Middle Schools in Washington Heights and Inwood
• New York University School of Medicine - Department of Environmental Medicine

Contact Information:

Program Manager
Maria Molina, MS
Phone: 646-317-4134
Fax: 646-317-0806

Faculty Lead/Medical Director
Mara Minguez, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Population and Family Health
Phone: 646-317-4212

Program Website Address: