About Us

The Rohde to Srebrenica is the first case study in international human rights reporting to be created by Elements of International Reporting at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. It is part of a larger project, launched in 2001 through the Center for the Study of Human Rights and its participants across campus, and the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning CCNMTL.

Elements of International Reporting trains journalists to research and write on new themes in the international sphere, including economic development and human rights. It is taught by Anne Nelson, director of the Journalism School's international program.

Faculty: Anne Nelson

Student Editorial Team
Managing Editor for Content and stages author: Tim Vickery
Managing Editor for Design: Heather Ratcliff
Web Producer: Sadia Razaq
Web Assistant: Maria Stoian
Photo Editor: Ian Wilhelm

Student Research and Writing Team
David Rohde interview: Moges Abebe and Tim Vickery
Journalists' Safety: May Chow
Human Rights Law: Rana El-Fil
Chronology: Perlita Ettegui
Dutch Peacekeepers: Kirsten Grieshaber
Faye Bowers profile: Paula Kling
Other Stories: Eugenie Larson
The Negotiators: Drew Magratten
Forensics: David Makali
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Chantal McLaughlin
Ethics: Devyani Onial
Tribunals and Testimony: Autumn Spanne
Roy Gutman profile: Theresa Vargas

Project Manager: Craig Bolotin
Video Editing & Encoding: Gerard Zoehfeld
SMIL Coding: Gerard Zoehfeld
Video Crew: Gerard Zoehfeld, Craig Bolotin
And the rest of the CCNMTL Technology Team