My mother always insisted on re-checking her translations before she authorized me to put them on her website. Some of her earlier translations never managed to get re-checked before her death. With her permission, I am now providing them as secondary materials, something like drafts. Since so few translations from Igbo are available, these will perhaps be of interest even in their less polished state.   --Fran Pritchett, June 2012


"Odumodu's Journey"*, by Leopold Bell-Gam (1963) == *Igbo text*

*"Erimma"*, by J. U. T. Nzeaki (1973) == *Igbo text*

*"Obidiya"*, by Enyinna Akoma (c.1973) == *Igbo text*

*"An Anthology of Modern Igbo Verse"* by  R. M. Ekechukwu (1975) == *Igbo text*; *glossary*

*"Emeke: A Good Person"*, by Mmuotulumanya Okafo (n.d.) == *Igbo text**

*"When the Orphan Grows Teeth"*, by Bertram Osuagwu (1977) == *Igbo text*

*"Tomorrow is Pregnant"*, by Walter C. Eneore (1979) == *Igbo text*

"The Igbo and Their Traditions" by Bertram I. N. Osuagwu (1979): *Chapters 1-5*; *Chapters 6-10*; *Chapters 11-15* == Igbo text: *Chapters 1-5*; *Chapters 6-10*; *Chapters 11-15*

*"Understanding Igbo Poetry"*, by  I. Madubuikwe (1981) == *Igbo text*

"Nkem Goes to America" by Bertram Osuagwu (2001): *Chapters 1-13*; *Chapters 14-33* == Igbo text: *Chapters 1-13*; *Chapters 14-33*

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