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*Who are the Igbo people?*

*Advice about how you might start to study Igbo*

*A history of the Igbo language*

*An Igbo dictionary*

*Chinua Achebe denounces Standard Igbo*

*Books helpful for Igbo language study*

*Sources for the study of Igbo proverbs*

*The first Igbo novel, Omenuko (1933)*

*A brief biography of the author of Omenuko*

*An Igbo tale: The Land of Bingo (1940's?)*

*"Two Igbo Plays" (1978)*

*An Igbo play: Oguamalam (1979)*

*An Igbo short novel: Night Has Fallen in the Afternoon (c.1980?)*  



This is Ms. Frances Nkiru W. Pritchett, secretary of SPILCA (Society for Promoting Igbo Language and Culture, Inc., in America).

Thanks to her and also to their director, Nnanta C. Uwadineke.

Nkiru advises the Igbo people to love their language and to be using it to have discussions in every appropriate place so that it will not die. 


My friends, I greet you all. I am very happy about the work you are doing in publishing this magazine, "Igbo Ga-adi." I encourage you in this work. It has been a long time since I went to your country to attend the SPILC meeting at Nsukka.* I will never forget that journey. Nor will I forget the time that I went to visit the A.I.C.E. campus in Owerre.

The Igbo language is beautiful. I study it every day. It is important that we keep it alive. Anyone who discards his language is lost. Please, don't give up!

Frances W. Pritchett (Nkiru)
Sat., 18 Feb. 2006

*Here is the lovely Igbo speech, with translation, that she gave to the SPILC meeting at Nsukka in 1979.

Frances Wightman Pritchett, 1922-2012

*A child prodigy, age 6, 1929*
*"10-year-old girl leaves dolls...," 1932*
*"Ready to spell 'amaryllidaceous'," 1937*
*A high school graduate, age 15, 1937*
*"New Brighton family counting sheepskins," 1937*

*A prelude to an engagement, 1945*
*A bride, 1946*
*The wedding party, 1946*
*Holding her first child, c.1950*

*In the 1960's*

*In the yard of her new house, Little Rock, c.1970*

*Anti-Vietnam-war activism, 1971*

*Early Igbo interests, later 1970's*

*Igbo speech (and translation), 1979*

*With Igbo friends, Christmas 1985*

*In the later 1990's*

*"How I became an Igbophile," 2000*

*With Igbo friends, 2001*

*At the Women's Project, 2003*

*Reading, c.2004*

*At the Wightman Cemetery, near Groton, CT, 2004*

*Last visit to New York, 2006*
*With a Ghanaian friend, 2006*

*Studying with her Ga language tutor, 2010*

*Having lunch at the Arts Center, 2010*