xx Histoire générale des Voyages
by *Prévost* (with *Bellin*)
Other maps and views


==*view of indigo production*
==*view of silk  manufacture
==*view of a sugar mill*
==*view of rope bridge technology in Peru*


==*view of a musk deer*
==*view of birds of west Africa*
==*view of animals of Africa*
==*view of fish and insects of west Africa*
==*view of lizards of southern Africa*
==*view of beaver hunting*
==*view of different species of monkeys in Ceylon*
==*view of tropical fish*
==*view of more tropical fish*
==*view of "different sorts of serpents"*

==*view of jackfruits, mangoes, jasmine*
==*view of bananas and other tropical fruits*

==*view of Hormuz*
==*view of a feast of the Governor of Mocka*

==*view of local women being given to Cortez*

==*view of execution by an elephant and in other ways*


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