Some illustrations from
Histoire générale des Voyages
(Paris, 1746-1759; 15 volumes)

by *l'Abbé Antoine François Prévost*
with maps and views by *Jacques-Nicolas Bellin*


*South Asia*

*Southeast Asia*



*Northern Eurasia*



*North America*

*South America*

*Other maps and views*

for comparison: maps and views from
*the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493)*
*Munster's Cosmographia (1544)*
*Mallet's Description de l'Univers (1683)

NOTE: All the views, and most of the maps, come from Prévost's giant work and were executed mostly by Bellin. Some of the maps were done by Bellin for publication elsewhere. Thus everything here is from the work of one of these two contemporaries, and most things are their joint creations. Unless otherwise noted, all these maps and views come either from my own collection or from ebay auctions by: *the honor roll of map sources*

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