About particular topics...

==ALEXANDER THE GREAT== His world-conquering journey ended along the Indus: [site]
==ALPHABETS OF SOUTH ASIA== The personal website of Eden Golshani, who must be one remarkable eighteen-year-old: [site]
=="BANDIT QUEEN"== The life and death of the (in)famous Phoolan Devi: [site]
==BRITISH== The Imperial Gazetteer of India. W. W. Hunter, J. S. Cotton, R. Burn, and W. S. Meyer, eds. New edition, published under the authority of His Majesty's secretary of state for India in council. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1908-1931 [v. 1, 1909]: [site]. Particularly helpful are Vol. 1 [site] and Vol. 2 [site], with their extensive overview essays on many basic topics.
==BRITISH== "British Voices from South Asia"-- an archive of oral histories: [site]
==BUDDHISM== The Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art-- a collection with great variety and depth: [site]
==CALENDARS== "India Through its Calendars," a lively and informative overview by Amartya Sen: [site]
==CENSUS INDIA 1871 on== Lots of interesting material: [site]
==CENSUS INDIA NOW == The latest, from an Indian government website: [site]
==CHILD LABOR== An informative overview article: [site]; and a recent example: [site]
==CHILD LABOR IN PAKISTAN== An Atlantic article, 1996, on how bad the problem is: [site]
==CLOTHING== A women's artisan cooperative in Bombay makes jackets that I love, and many other items that you might love too: [site]
==COINS OF INDIA AND CENTRAL ASIA== A good site for comparisons: [site]
==COINS OF SOUTH ASIA== A good, sophisticated research site [site]; and the excellent "Virtual Museum of Indian Coins" : [site]
==COLONIALISM BEGINS== Robert Kerr, ed. General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Arranged in Systematic Order: Forming a Complete History of the Origin and Progress of Navigation, Discovery, and Commerce, by Sea and Land, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time (1811): [on this site]
==COWS, SACRED== Historian D. N. Jha presents evidence of cow-sacrifice and beef-eating in ancient India: [site]
==DALITS== "Broken People: Caste Violence Against India's Untouchables" [site], a Human Rights Watch report, March 1999
==DALITS== The most comprehensive single site I've found: [site]
==DALITS== "Untouchable." National Geographic, June 2003: [site]
==DALITS== A special issue of Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, 18,1 (1998): [site]
==DIASPORA== On the South Asian diaspora in the United States: [site]
==DIASPORA== An overview issue on the subject, with many thoughtful opinions: Seminar 538, June 2004: [site]
==EDUCATION== An overview page of recent articles from Outlook India: [site]
==ELECTIONS== Phil Oldenburg of the Southern Asian Institute at Columbia University presents some of his slides of recent South Asian election scenes, with commentary and other useful information: [site]
==EMERGENCY== "Emergency Special" (1975), from the Indian Express: [site]
==EMOTIONS== Owen M. Lynch, Divine Passions: The Social Construction of Emotion in India (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1990): [site]
==FABRICS== A resource page on fabrics, textile designs, block-printing, etc.: [site]
==FILMS== Philip Lutgendorf's delightful and increasingly comprehensive website on popular Hindi films: [site]
==FILMS== "," an overview site devoted to Bollywood film culture, maintained by Meredith McGuire: [site]
==GAY RIGHTS== An unexpected perspective on being gay in Pakistan: [site]
==GLOBALISM==Some intelligent thoughts on the cultural, political, and human-rights aspects of globalism from Amartya Sen: [site]
==GODDESSES== "Devi, the Great Goddess," a wide-ranging, beautifully organized exhibit sponsored by the Sackler Museum: [site]
==GODDESSES== "A Superhit Goddess: Jai Santoshi Maa and Caste Hierarchy in Indian Films," by Philip Lutgendorf: [on this site]
==HINDU-MUSLIM CONFLICT==PBS presents a show, "Soul of India," about the Bajrang Dal and violence in Gujarat; click on show title for more resources: [site]
==HINDU-MUSLIM RELATIONS== Many useful links on another page of this site.
==HUMAN RIGHTS== The UN Declaration of Human Rights, a special analytical website by CCNMTL, at Columbia University: [site]
==HUMAN RIGHTS== Links to relevant sites for all the countries of South Asia from the Univ. of California Library: [site]; and from Derechos: [site]
==HUMAN RIGHTS== Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia-- a useful research site full of links to good material: [site]
==INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT== Interviews with Princess Abida Sultan of Bhopal (d.2002), who knew everybody and remembered a lot: [site]
==INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT== Historical film clips of Gandhi and others, and much much more: [site]
==INDIA IN 1904==Modern India (1904), a travel-guide overview by an American, William Eleroy Curtis: [site]
==INDIA AT 50== Frontline 14,16 (Aug. 9-22, 1997): India Independent-- 50 Years. A special issue full of very significant articles: [site]
==INDIA OVERVIEW== "We're all Indians Now," by Siddhartha Deb, The Observer, Nov. 26, 2006: [site]
=="THE INDIAN OCEAN: CRADLE OF GLOBALIZATION== A lovely study site for teachers and students: [site]
== "INDIA'S BANDIT QUEEN"== On the criminal career of Phoolan Devi: [site]; and on her Parliamentary career: [site]
==INDIRA GANDHI'S ASSASSINATION and its aftermath== "The Winter in Delhi, 1984," by Aseem Shrivastava: [site]
==INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION== The Harappa website, as good as it gets-- superb on the Indus Valley Civilization, early photos, and much more: [site]
==INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION== The famous "Horseplay in Harappa" controversy, exposing fraudulent Hindutva claims about the Indus Valley civilization: [site]
==INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION== An overview of the "Hindutva" approach, with many useful cross-cultural parallels (in PDF format): [site]; or [on this site]
==JAINISM== "Jain History-- an Outline": [site]
==JOURNALISM== SAJA, the South Asian Journalists' Association, maintains an extensive, wide-ranging, and very helpful set of links: [site ]
==JOURNALS== Himal, a magazine that takes an intelligent interest in all the countries of South Asia: [site]
==JOURNALS== Manushi, (Delhi) an indispensable "journal about women and society": [site]
==KRISHNA== An interactive exploration of his life from the Seattle Art Museum: [site]
==LANGUAGES== An overview of the "Languages and Scripts of India": [site]
==LANGUAGES== The Proto-Indo-European language site, with much information and many fascinating illustrations: [site]
==MUGHAL EMPIRE== A somewhat gimmicky but interesting new site by the British Library: [site]; it will be fun for students to play with
==NGO information== "," the most comprehensive source, and documentation center, on the work of South Asian NGO's: [site]
==NGO information== "Social Movements in South Asia," a site maintained by the U.C. Berkeley library: [site]
==NUMBERS== "The Hindu-Arabic Numerals," a description of our own numbering system: [site]
==OVERVIEW== "MANAS," a general historical/cultural overview site: [site]
==OVERVIEW== An intricate, idiosyncratic website of great diversity and mixed quality, "Kamat's Potpourri": [site]
==PEACE AND SECULARISM== "South Asia Citizens Web, helping people connect across borders and work for social justice" [site]
==PEACE AND SECULARISM== "Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia" [site]
==PEACE AND SECULARISM== "Eqbal Ahmad." Many articles by him, including a tribute by Noam Chomsky to him as a "secular Sufi": [site]
=="PEASANTS AND MONKS"== William R. Pinch, Peasants and Monks in British India (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996). An unusual and fascinating perspective on colonial social history: [site]
==PHOTOS== A collection of fine, well-organized 19th-century photos, and much else as well, at Harappa: [site]
==PHOTOS== Many wonderful photos by the first well-known Indian photographer, Lala Deen Dayal (1844-1905): [site]
==PHOTO TOUR== A well-captioned album of photos taken by Prof. Paul Brians and friends in a number of Indian cities in 1992: [site]
==PLATE TECTONICS== A wonderful site on plate tectonics, showing graphically how the South Asian plate travelled north and the Himalayas were formed in a huge collision: [site]
==REBELLION OF 1857==  Much material *on this site*
==RELIGIONS: CENSUS DATA== Numerical data on Indian religions, from the census of 2000: [site]
==RELIGIOUS FREEDOM== The State Department's "International Religious Freedom Report" for the countries of South Asia, December 2003: [site]
==RELIGIOUS SITE VISITS== Short videos of visits to important South Asian shrines, from Emory Univ.: [site]
==RITUALS== "Cooking for the Gods: the Art of Home Ritual in Bengal": [site]
==ROCK ART== Many lovely examples of prehistoric rock art from all over South Asia: [site]
==RULERS== Worldwide listings of names and dates of rulers, from 1700 onwards: [site]
==SARIS== Such gorgeous garments-- here's some information about them: [site]
==SHIVAJI== Wry commentary on modern exploitation of his name, by Dilip Chitre: [on this site]
==TANTRA== A very comprehensive and scholarly website: [site]
==TEMPLES== A scholarly look at the Hindu and Buddhist temples of the Salt Range Mountains in Pakistan, dating from the 6th to the early 11th centuries: [site]
==TEMPLES== "Templenet," an encyclopedia of Hindu temples:  [site]
==TIMELINES== A neat meta-historical timeline: [site]
==TIMELINES== A very convenient series of timelines at the Met, starting in 8000 BCE: [site]
==TIPU SULTAN== "The Tiger and the Thistle: Tipu Sultan and the Scots in India," a wonderful site by the National Galleries of Scotland: [site]
==TRADE AND ENVIRONMENT== A series of well-documented analytical case studies, including many South Asian ones: [site]
==TRIBES== Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf, Tribes of India: The Struggle for Survival (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1982): [site]
==VEDAS== A site describing an elaborate "Vedic sacrifice" performed in 2003: [site]
==VEDAS== For a variety of scholarly materials, see the "Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies" archives: [site]
==VILLAGE LIFE== "A Virtual Village," an excellent website by Peter Gottschalk of Wesleyan University and Matthew Schmalz of Holy Cross, with much input from real North Indian villagers, both Hindu and Muslim: [site]
==WOMEN'S ISSUES== South Asia Women's Network, the best overview: [site]
==WOMEN'S ISSUES== The excellent Manushi, "a journal about women and society": [site]; and its archives: [site
==YOGA== A classic text of hatha yoga (the kind most popular in the West) with illustrated English translation: [site]


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