Concerning routes which one may take to go from Ispahan to Agra, and from Agra to Delhi and Jahanabad, where the Court of the Great Mogul is at present; as also to the Court of the King of Golconda and to that of the King of Bijapur, and to several other places in India.

*CHAPTER 1* -- The route from Ispahan to Agra by way of Gombroon, where particular mention is made of the navigation from Hormuz to Surat.

*CHAPTER 2* -- Of the Customs, Money, Exchange, Weights and Measures of the Indians.

*CHAPTER 3* -- Concerning conveyances, and the manner of travelling in India.

*CHAPTER 4* -- The route from Surat to Agra by Burhampur and Sironj.

*CHAPTER 5* -- The route from Surat to Agra by Ahmadabad.

*CHAPTER 6* -- The route from Ispahan to Agra by Kandahar.

*CHAPTER 7* -- The sequence of the same route, from Delhi to Agra.

*CHAPTER 8* -- The route from Agra to Patna and Dacca, towns of the Province of Bengal; and the quarrel which the author had with Shaista Khan, uncle of the King.

*CHAPTER 9* -- The route from Surat to Golconda.

*CHAPTER 10* -- Of the kingdom of Golconda and the wars which it has carried on during the last few years.

*CHAPTER 11* -- The route from Golconda to Masulipatam.

*CHAPTER 12* -- The route from Surat to Goa, and from Goa to Golconda by Bijapur.

*CHAPTER 13* -- Remarks upon the present condition of the town of Goa.

CHAPTER 14 -- Concerning what the Author did during his sojourn at Goa on his last journey in 1648.

*CHAPTER 15* -- History of Father Ephraim, Capuchin, and how he was cast into the Inquisition at Goa.

*CHAPTER 16* -- Route from Goa to Masulipatam by Cochin, described in the history of the capture of that town by the Dutch.

*CHAPTER 17* -- The Sea Route from Hormuz to Masulipatam.

*CHAPTER 18* -- The route from Masulipatam to Gandikota, a town and fortress in the Province of Carnatic; and the Author's transactions with Mir Jumla, who commanded the Army of the King of Golkonda; in which also there is included a full description of Elephants.

*CHAPTER 19* -- The route from Gandikota to Golconda.

*CHAPTER 20* -- The return from Surat to Hormuz, and how the author found himself engaged in a very severe and dangerous naval combat, from which he escaped without accident.


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