by Intizar Husain (1979)

translated from the Urdu
by Frances W. Pritchett (1995)
(2nd ed. 2000)

*Introduction by Muhammad Umar Memon (1995)*
*Translator's introduction (1995)*
*FWP's introduction to the etext, 2005*

*Some selected background material*

*The new NYR Books edition, 2012, with an introduction by Asif Farrukhi*

*Chapter One, first half* (in Rupnagar)
*Chapter One, second half* (on to Vyaspur)
*Chapter Two* (at the Shiraz)
*Chapter Three* (a silence in the streets)
*Chapter Four, first half* (newly arrived)
*Chapter Four, second half* (as time wears on)
*Chapter Five* (slogans on the walls)
*Chapter Six* (a letter from India)
*Chapter Seven, first half* (a wartime diary)
*Chapter Seven, second half* (midnight visions)
*Chapter Eight* (an endgame)
*Chapter Nine* (the aftermath)
*Chapter Ten* (death and sleep)
*Chapter Eleven* (the time for a sign)

*Glossary for the translation*

*Urdu serial glossary*
*Urdu text*
*Intizar Husain reads from Chapter One*



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