Table of Contents

[*PART ONE*] Introduction to the work, Babur and his various early victories and defeats, Babur's visit to Khurasan, rebellion in Kabul by Mirza Khan, Babur's victory [[83-89]]

[*PART TWO*] Children, including Humayun, are born to Babur; victory at Samarqand, and the march to Hindustan [[89-93]]

[*PART THREE*] Battle at Panipat against Sultan Ibrahim and Humayun's victory, list of gifts to begams, life in Agra [[93-98]]

[*PART FOUR*] Hostilities arise, the battle against Rana Sanga at Fathpur Sikri and Babur's victory, Maham Begam and Gul-badan move to Agra [[98-103]]

[*PART FIVE*] Humayun's illness, Babur's death, Humayun becomes Emperor  [[104-112]]

[*PART SIX*] Maham Begam's feast and death, the Mystic Feast and Mirza Hindal's marriage feast, Bega Begam's complaints to Humayun  [[112-131]]

[PART SEVEN] Marches to Gujarat, Ahmadabad, Chanada, and Benares, and fighting [[131-138]]

[*PART EIGHT*] Mirza Kamran's visit to Humayun and illness, his march to Lahore; Humayun's verse, his vision of the birth of Akbar   [[138-145]]

[*PART NINE*] Mirza Kamran and Humayun's argument over Kabul, Humayun's march towards Bhakkar and Multan, Humayun's stay in Samandar, marriage of Hamida-banu Begam and Humayun [[146-151]]

[*PART TEN*] Marching in the Bhakkar region, fighting near Maldeo, marching with no water and an empty treasury, a stay in 'Umrkot, the birth of Akbar, a move to Jun; Mirza Kamran besieges Qandahar and the khutba is read in his name [[151-162]]

[*PART ELEVEN*] Humayun's march to Qandahar, a problem with camels, Humayun's march to Khurasan, life in Khurasan [[163-171]]

[*PART TWELVE*] A theft of rubies, the siege and taking of Qandahar, the pursuit of Mirza Kamran, the taking of Kabul, the ladies' move to Kabul and the festivities, the circumcision of Akbar [[171-180]]

[*PART THIRTEEN*] Fighting with Mirza Kamran, Mirza Kamran flees Kabul, an assembly of brothers (Humayun, Kamran, 'Askari, Hindal, Sulaiman), the blooming of the riwaj, Humayun's annoyance with the begams [[181-191]]

[*PART FOURTEEN*] The march to Balkh, Mirza Kamran and Sulaiman's wife, Mirza Kamran shoots Mirza Hindal, Mirza Kamran and Humayun prepare to fight, Mirza Hindal is martyred, the blinding of Mirza Kamran upon Humayun's order [[191-201]]

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