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*Miscellanea (not formally published)*

="A Treasure Trove," Outlook India, June 2016: [site]

="The 'Shahi Imams' of India",
Outlook India, Nov. 2014: [site]

="Narang Nama,"
from C. M. Naim's "Repository and Archive" blog, Nov. 2013: [site]

="A Matter of History," from C. M. Naim's "Repository and Archive" blog, Sept. 2013: [site]; and "Another Lesson in History: [site]

=An Extraordinary Translator: Tirath Ram Firozepuri (1885-1954)", Annual of Urdu Studies: [site]; [on this site]

="Be Crazy With God...",
Outlook India, Dec. 2012: [site]; [on this site]

="Limits of Naipaul's antipathies," from The Indian Express, Nov. 2012: [site]

="Two Fires," from TheSouthAsianIdea Weblog, Oct. 2012; [on this site]

="Will Justice Katju Please Note?",
Outlook India, Aug. 20, 2012: [site]; [on this site]

="The Maulana Who Loved Krishna,"
Outlook India, Jan. 12, 2012: [site]; [on this site]; an expanded and more academic version, from the Economic and Political Weekly, Apr. 2013: [on this site]; CORRECTION: Maulana Hasrat Mohani was born in 1881(1298 A.H.), and not in 1878 as was erroneously indicated in my essay. He was twenty-seven when he experienced his first jail sentence. I'm sorry for the error in my very first sentence and later.

="Beyond belief," a review of 'The Convert' by Deborah Baker, the Friday Times, Nov. 25-Dec. 1, 2011: [site]; [on this site]

="The Deadening Silence of Good Intentions,"
Outlook India, Nov. 18, 2011: [site]; [on this site]

="A Musafir To London,"
Outlook India, Oct. 17, 2011: [site]

="Disappearing Treasures: Public Libraries and Urdu Printed Books," Annual of Urdu Studies 26 (2011), pp. 53-63: [site]; [on this site]

="The curious 'spiritual' ancestry of Zaid Hamid," "The Review" (of Pakistan Today), Sept 18, 2011: [site]; [on this site]

="In the Name of Defending Islam,"
Outlook India, July 22, 2011: [site]

="'Prophecies' in South Asian Muslim Political Discourse: The Poems of Shah Ni'matullah Wali," Economic and Political Weekly XLV!,28 (July 9, 2011): [on this site]

="Learn from Pakistan,"
Outlook India, Apr. 20, 2011: [site]

="Individualism within confirmity: A brief history of Waz'dari in Delhi and Lucknow," Indian Economic and Social History Review, March 2011: [on this site]; *an addendum by the author, Sept. 2011*

="Berlin Diary,"
Outlook India, Dec. 27, 2010: [site]

="The Muslim League in Barabanki: A Suite of Five Sentimental Scenes," from Summerhill: IIAS Review XVI,1 (Summer 2010), pp. 3141; [on this site]

="A 'Browning' Of Islam In America?",
Outlook India, Sept. 10, 2010: [site]; [on this site]

="Cordoba Centre: A Dissent,"
Outlook India, Sept. 3, 2010: [site]; [on this site]

="Anti-Ahmadism In India,"
Outlook India, Aug. 31, 2010: [site]; [on this site]

="Fatwa No More,"
Outlook India, July 13, 2010: [site]; [on this site]

="A Lament for Lahore,"
Outlook India, July 3, 2010: [site]; [on this site]

="A Killing in Ferozewala,
" Outlook India, June 3, 2010: [site]: [on this site]

="Spinning the Conspiracy Wheel,"
Outlook India, May 31, 2010: [site]; [on this site]

="Let It All Hang Out--In Urdu!,
" Outlook India, May 28, 2010: [site]; [on this site]

="Forgotten Victims of Great Games,"
Outlook India, Mar. 12, 2010: [site]; [on this site]

="Erasing 'Allah' In Churches And Mosques,"
Outlook India, Jan. 15, 2010: [site]; [on this site]

="An Epiphenomenal Book"
(a review of Jinnah: India--Partition--Independence by Jaswant Singh), Outlook India, Sept. 11, 2009: [site]; [on this site]

="Jaswant, not-so original," Indian Express, Sept. 1, 2009: [site]

="The Emperor's New Clothes
," Outlook India, Aug. 26, 2009: [site]; [on this site]

="In a La-La Land,"
Outlook India, Aug. 11, 2009: [site]; [on this site]

="Plagiarize and Prosper,"
Outlook India, July 24, 2009: [site]; [on this site]

="Islamic 'Adl in Orakzai,"
Outlook India, Apr. 23, 2009: [site]; [on this site]

="Two Days in Palestine,"
Outlook India, Apr. 22, 2009: [site]; [on this site]

="The Mothers Of The Lashkar,"
Outlook India, Dec. 15, 2008: [site]; [on this site]

="'Cold-Blooded Murderers',"
Outlook India, July 29, 2008: [site]

="Get a Life, Liberal America", Outlook India, Jan. 17, 2008: [site]; [on this site]

="When Does History Begin?", Outlook India, Nov. 19, 2007: [site]; [on this site]

="A Disgraceful Book on 1857" (a review of "Documents of the Mutiny 1857" by S. M. A. Husain), Outlook India, Sept. 1, 2007: [site]; [on this site]

="Revisiting the 'Partition Literature'," a talk, Aug. 23, 2007: [on this site]

="The Other Attack on Taslima Nasrin at Hyderabad," Outlook India, Aug. 13, 2007: [site]; also [on this site]

=Review: Rosie Llewellyn-Jones, ed., Lucknow: City of Illusion. Newsletter of the South Asia Language and Area Center, University of Chicago, 2006-7: [on this site]

="Talking about Muharram in Chicago," a talk delivered by the author in 1998 and revised for this website in Nov. 2006: [on this site]; and published in  Outlook India, Feb. 6, 2007: [site]

="A Sentimental Essay in Three Scenes," the keynote address at "One Hundred Years of All India Muslim League," a colloquium at the University of Chicago, Nov. 4, 2006: Outlook India, Jan. 11, 2007; also [on this site]; also: a video of the talk (on google)

="Imams at the Airport," a letter to the editor of the Chicago Tribune sent on Nov. 23, 2006: [on this site]

="A Clash of Fanaticisms," Outlook India, Feb. 8, 2006: [on this site]

="On the Death of a Princess": an earlier article (1980) followed by some fresh thoughts (2005): [on this site]

="A Day In August, 1947," a letter by Dr. Zakir Husain, trans. CMN, Outlook India, Oct. 29, 2004: [on this site]

="A Plea to the Press: Please Spare Us the AIMPB Edicts," Outlook India, Oct. 7, 2004: [on this site]

="The Hijab and I," Outlook India, Sept. 2, 2004: [on this site]

="A 'Hyper-Masculinized' Islam?", Outlook India, Jan. 16, 2004: [on this site]

="Dangerous Self-Delusion," Outlook India, Nov. 14, 2003: [on this site]

="Hindustan or Pakistan?", Outlook India, Aug. 14, 2001: [on this site] (an excerpt from Ambiguities of Heritage)

="Condemn the Taliban, But Also Remember," Chicago Tribune, March 8, 2001: [site]

="A Dissent on Fire," The Toronto Review 18,1 (Fall 1999): [on this site]

="Jinnah on the Silver Screen" (May 1999): [on this site]

="Ghalib: a Review of Translations," Feb. 1996: [on this site]

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