Maps by Thomas Kitchin (1718-84), drawn for the London Magazine

1740 *"India as described by all Authors before the fifth Century"*

1754 *"A Map of Coromandel Shewing the Seat of War on that Coast"*, from the London Magazine but with no attribution

1757 *"Northern Coast of Choramandel*

1759 *"A Map of the Country Round Surat and Bombay*

1760 *"A New and Accurate Map of Bengal"*

c.1760 *Trichinopoly Fort, and the French attack on it in 1753*

1763 *"The Seat of War on the Coast of Malabar and Coromandel in the Empire of the Great Mogol"*

1779 *"Asia"*

1781 *"A Map of the East Indies or Indostan"*

1784 *"Hindustan or East Indies agreeable to the latest Authorities"* (very detailed)

1785 *"East Indies drawn from the best Authorities"*

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