LUCKNOW, 1857 (1858)

"Bird's eye view of Lucknow and the country toward Cawnpore," by James S. Virtue and Co., London, c.1860; CLICK ON THE MAP FOR A VERY LARGE SCAN

See also: *Weller's map of Lucknow for the 'Weekly Dispatch' magazine, 1858*

LUCKNOW, 1857 (1880)

Lucknow before 1857, a map published in 1880; CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR A VERY LARGE SCAN;
also a counterpart *map of KANPUR*
, and large scans of the *left side* and *right side* of the map

Lucknow in 1857, a map from 'The History of India', 1898; *a similar map of Kanpur*

Source: ebay, Mar 2015

*A map of the siege lines in March 1858*, from 'Forty-one Years in India' by Lord Roberts, London, 1897

Source: ebay, Apr. 2015

*More maps of Lucknow*

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