A gold dinar of Kumaragupta I, honoring Lakshmi

Source: http://www.vcoins.com/ancient/cng/store/viewItem.asp?idProduct=2874&large=1
(downloaded Mar. 2006)

"Kumaragupta I. Circa 414-455 AD. AV Dinar (20mm, 8.21 g, 12h). Horseman type. Kumaragupta, not nimbate, holding bow and sword, riding prancing horse to left / The goddess Lakshmi, not nimbate, seated left on draped stool, holding a lotus and feeding grapes to a peacock; five point tamgha to left, "Ajitamahendra" in Brahmi script to right."

Another vision of Lakshmi from Kumaragupta I

Source: http://www.vcoins.com/ancient/coinindia/store/viewitem.asp?idProduct=599
(downloaded Feb. 2008)

"Kumaragupta I Gold dinar, Archer type with bowstring out. Obverse: King standing facing, face turned left, holding arrow in right hand, bow in left hand, with bowstring facing out, Garuda standard at left, Brahmi legend at right: Kumara. Reverse: Lakshmi seated on lotus facing, holding diadem and lotus, tamgha left, Brahmi legend right: Sri Mahendra. Date  c. 415-455 CE. Weight 7.79 gm. Diameter 17-19 mm."

A gold dinar in which Kumaragupta honors Kartikeya, with Brahmi legends

Source: http://www.vcoins.com/ancient/coinindia/store/viewitem.asp?idProduct=217
(downloaded July 2007)

"KUMARAGUPTA I: Gold dinar. Obverse  King standing left, nimbate, feeding peacock at left, Brahmi legend around: Jayati svagunair gunaravindah Sri Mahendrakumara. Reverse  Kartikeya seated three-quarters left on a peacock (his vahana, or vehicle), Brahmi legend right: Mahendrakumara. Date  c. 415-455 CE. Weight  8.19 gm. Diameter  17-19 mm."

A gold dinar attributed to Narasimhagupta I, also honoring Lakshmi

Source: http://www.cngcoins.com/Coin.aspx?CoinID=80151&IsEnlarged=1
(downloaded Mar. 2006)

"Narasimhagupta I. Circa 414-455 AD. AV Dinar (20mm, 9.57 g, 12h). Archer type. Narasimhagupta, nimbate, standing left, holding arrow and bow; to left, Garuda standard behind; "Gre" in Sanskrit between feet, "Nara" to inner right / The goddess Lakshmi, nimbate, seated facing on lotus, holding diadem and lotus; tamgha to left; "Valaditya" in Sanskrit to right."

A drachma of Skandagupta's, with a Sanskrit inscription in Brahmi script

Source: http://www.vcoins.com/ancient/dltcoins/store/viewItem.asp?idProduct=1137&large=1
(downloaded May 2006)

"Gupta Empire, Skandagupta. AR Drachm, AD 455-480. Obverse  No legend. Bust of king right. Reverse  Brahmi legend. Sri Skandagupta Kramaditya. Altar."
[Image and description courtesy of *David L. Tranbarger Rare Coins*.]


Skandagupta standing, wearing a dhoti

Source: http://ignca.nic.in/asp/showbig.asp?projid=ac28
(downloaded Mar. 2004)

"King standing in centre, wearing dhoti none of the usual jewelry, hair tied top of his head. King stands in tribhanga stance, left hand rests on a bow and the right hand grasps an arrow. A garuda dhvaja is behind his right arm. His name Skanda appears between the bow string and his left leg. Skanda gupta, Gold dinar, Ca.455-480. The Skanhe Collection, University of Michigan."


Skandagupta approached by Lakshmi

Source: http://ignca.nic.in/asp/showbig.asp?projid=ac28
(downloaded Mar. 2004)

"To left, King standing facing right, wearing waist cloth and jewelry, holding bow in left hand, arrow in right hand. In centre, a Garuda-dhvaja. To right, Lakshmi standing facing left, holding lotus and diadem, Skandagupta, gold dinar, Ca.455-480, The Skanhe Collection, ACSAA."

A gold coin in which Skandagupta depicts Lakshmi as seated on a lotus, with Brahmi legends

Source: http://www.vcoins.com/ancient/coinindia/store/viewitem.asp?idProduct=208
(downloaded June 2007)

"SKANDAGUPTA: Gold suvarna. Archer type. Obverse  King standing facing, face turned left, holding arrow in right hand, bow in left, Garuda standard at left, Brahmi legend under arm: Skanda. Traces of cirular legend. Reverse  Lakshmi seated facing on lotus, holding diadem and lotus, tamgha left, Brahmi legend right: Kramaditya. Date  c. 455-480 CE. Weight  9.18 gm. Diameter  21 mm."

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