MAMALLAPURAM (c.630-728)
Section 13, top margin E, right margin c; on the coast
Early drawings and engravings of the site
The elegantly eroded "Shore Temples" (one to Shiva, one to Vishnu) are now protected from the sea
The famous "Five Rathas," chariot-shaped temples dedicated to the Pandava brothers and Draupadi
The "Descent of the Ganges" bas-relief is a real delight, not only in its overall contours but in its every small detail.
Durga as "Mahishasuramardini," the slayer of the buffalo demon, has a cave of her own
In the Varaha Cave we see Vishnu's boar avatar rescuing the earth
At Mamallapuram there's a good deal of Vaishnava imagery, especially scenes of Krishna's life
The small but unforgettable "Tiger Cave," and the larger "Trimurti Cave" with its lingam
Do a search for "mamallapuram" for many more images

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