KAILASHNATH Temple, Ellora (c.757-83)
Section 10, top margin C, right margin a; just north-northwest of Aurangabad
the *main Ellora page*, on the other Ellora rock-cut temples
A look at the elaborate interior layout of the cave-temple, which is entirely carved from a single piece of rock
Kailashnath (Cave 16) as it appears in early engravings
And in early photos
Some very large modern overviews
An examination of the whole shape of the temple
Some modern visitors' photographs
Nandi has an antechamber temple of his own
A few of my favorite photos from the *Berger Collection*, section 2, pp. 4 and 5
Some of the elegantly erotic details
The story of the Ramayana, depicted on a panel at Kailashnath
In the garbha-griha, or inner chamber, of the temple
A good search term is "kailasa"

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