*Huttising's Temple (Jain), Camp Road, Ahmedabad; a photo by Charles Lickfold, 1880's* (BL)

*A larger, undated early photo*; note that the founder's name is not "Elephant" (haathii) Singh, but "Firm" (haTHii) Singh, as in "hatha (haTHa) yoga"

Source: ebay, Mar. 2007

"Huthi Singh's tomb," by Samuel Bourne, from a German travel book, c.1887

Source: ebay, Nov. 2007

"Ahmedabad, Interior of Hatising's Temple - Jain Marble Temple," an albumen photo, c.1880's

Source: ebay, May 2008

*Hathisingh's temple; an undated photo, early 1900's*

Source: ebay, June 2007

A modern photographer's view

Source: http://www.indiamike.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/20809/limit/recent
(downloaded May 2008)

A side view

Source: http://www.indiamike.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/19446/limit/recent
(downloaded Apr. 2008)

The tower of the temple

Source: http://www.indiamike.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/19432/limit/recent
(downloaded Apr. 2008)

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